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Drain Field Products 

Our drain field products consist of Conventional and Innovative systems. But what's the difference?

Conventional versus Innovative:

Conventional systems uses gravel in the drain lines. Innovative systems can use synthetic materials including EZFlow™ and Infiltrator™ through its larger diameter pipes. The material for innovative systems is typically determined by soil conditions, lot size, how accessible the space is, and other factors. 

Gravity Systems 

A traditional gravity system is a septic tank that has waste water that flows from within the home. The septic tank contains an inner baffle wall that prevents solids from leaving the tank and going into the drain field. The solids remain in the tank where they decompose. It is important to get your septic tank pumped every three to five years to prevent blockages. When the liquid in the tank reaches a certain level, it then flows through a tee and filters down a line to a distribution box. The liquid distribution box is then evenly dispersed to different drain lines and is absorbed by the ground around it. 
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Pump Systems 

Depending on your job site and requirements set by your county, it may be required to install a pump system. A pump system is an additional pump tank that can flow from the septic tank. As the liquid increases in the pump tank, it then activates the float sensors that activate a pump to the distribution box. Then the liquid is dispersed into the soil around the lines.

There are also other specialty pump systems including:
  • Low Pressure Pipe (LPP) Systems
  • Pressure Manifold Systems
  • Pre-treatment / Filtration Systems
  • Manitee Systems


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