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Conventional v. Innovative

A conventional system uses gravel in its drain lines whereas an innovative system uses synthetic materials (EZFlow™), chambers (Infiltrator™), geo textile large diameter pipe, or other approved materials. The determination of material is based on soil conditions, lot size, accessibility and regulatory compliance. A gravity, pump or specialty system may call for the use of one of these particular materials.

Conventional System

Gravel System

Innovative System


Gravity Systems

The traditional gravity system consists of a septic tank where waste water flows to from within the home. This septic tank contains an inner baffle wall that prevents solids from exiting the tank and entering into the drain field. These solids remain in the tank where they undergo decomposition. It is necessary to pump the septic tank of these solids periodically. (See Maintenence) When the liquid in the tank reaches a certain level it flows through a tee and filter and down a supply line to the distribution box. From the distribution box the liquid is evenly dispersed to multiple drain lines where it is absorbed by the surrounding soil.

gravity system

Pump Systems

Due to characteristics of your jobsite and the requirements set by State and Local regulation it may be necessary to install a pump system.

A traditional pump system includes an additional pump tank that takes outflows from the septic tank.  As the volume of liquid rises in the pump tank it activates float sensors that then activate a pump.  The liquid is pumped to the distribution box whereas a gravity system uses gravity for liquid to reach the distribution box.  From the distribution box the liquid is dispersed into the soil evenly among multiple lines in the leach field.

There are also other specialty pump systems including:

  • Low Pressure Pipe (LPP) Systems
  • Pressure Manifold Systems
  • Pre-treatment / Filtration Systems

Pump system